Our Story

Green Grass International Schools is a purpose built facility. The school has amenities designed for little pupils including children size bathrooms, sand room, outdoor playgrounds, indoor playground, theater, computer and science labs, cafeterias, gymnasium, ballet room, library, prayer area, clinic and interactive classrooms.

GGIS is established in 2015 as a private kindergarten and in 2017 it started growing and became internationally accredited by AIAA.

The name of the school is inspired from the green color of our nation’s flag, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This color has a special symbolic reference in Islam; one of glory, pride and peace. It is the symbol of the fertile land that produces all that is new and abundant. As from the philosophical side, it is the symbol of a quiet environment, and of health and safety. The name therefore combines love of and belonging to our nation, where we will grow together on the Green Grass.

The school offers values based education, a nurturing atmosphere, advanced learning and physical fitness development to its students. Its unique educational system focuses not only on knowledge but also on skills and character building.

Students are welcomed to a safe atmosphere that promotes confidence and learning.