GGIS is based on a unique American curriculum which gives students a new strength in learning, encourages them to become creative learners and provides them with a high level of knowledge.

Green Grass has the full accreditation from the American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges ( AIAA ) which is founded in 1992 and has been providing educational services to schools for over 25 years.

AECA instituted AIAA to provide accreditation for schools outside of the United States that offer an international program or an American style curriculum.

The AIAA Accreditation Standards monitor the mission and vision of the school, how the school selects curriculum, the certifications and qualifications of the staff, the operating procedures, the financial strength of the school, the school improvement plan that has been developed, and other such key elements that demonstrate the accredited school is a quality, well-functioning school and follows the best proven practices of the finest schools.

The AIAASC Accreditation Standards were developed specifically for international schools and indicate high-quality educational practices. These standards and indicators should be used by the school to self-assess their practices and programs to ensure that they are providing a high-quality and rigorous education for all students.