GGIS Grading Policy


1. Reporting:

a. In reporting to parents/guardians, a grade is used to indicate the performance of each student in relation to the attainment of learning outcomes and approved curricula.

b. Students and/or parents/guardians may request one additional opportunity to improve a score on a qualifying assessment, activity, or assignment that demonstrates knowledge of course content, skills, and standards. An assessment, activity or assignment is considered qualifying if the following criteria are met:

1) The student completed and submitted the original assessment, activity, or assignment by the due date.

2) The student participated in the teacher-facilitated re-teaching (before, during, or after school) within five school days following the return of the original graded work.

3) Within ten school days of receiving the returned original graded work, the student completed and resubmitted the new assessment, activity, or assignment. 4) The higher grade shall be the grade of record.

4) If the work is not eligible for reassessment, that must be identified in writing at the time of original assignment. Final research reports and projects that culminate a unit of study, or final semester or marking period exams may not be reassessed.

2. Recording

Recording Teachers will maintain a record of each student’s work, progress, and attendance on a daily basis.

a. Teachers and schools will maintain records of student progress. It is expected that teachers will enter the numeric grade for student work into the grade sheet.

b. Teachers shall assign a 5 marks grade per term to homework which the student completed the entire assignment and made a good faith effort. Good faith effort is evidenced by the student displaying persistence and striving for accuracy.

c. Teachers shall assign a 5 marks grade/per term to class work which the student participated during the class and interacted during activities and group work.

Grading Scale

KG 1 – KG 3

Grades 1-3 / per term ( total of 2 terms)

Grades 1-3 /Final Marks